Soft feature freeze exception for DrKonqi

Jekyll Wu adaptee at
Thu May 30 12:53:41 UTC 2013

于 2013年05月30日 18:39, Andreas K. Huettel 写道:> Reality check...
people do use outdated versions. Especially since there are
> things like distributions around. (And I'm talking more about
> those
that do
> proper stable releases every few years than about Gentoo.)

> Are the crash reports at least matched against fixed bugs? (I.e.
> "This backtrace is a duplicate of ... and the report has been
> closed as
fixed in  a
> newer version of KDE?")

The reality is: (since upgrading to bugzilla 4.2.5 at
least one month ago) has already been rejecting any attempt against
disabled versions. It is not DrKonqi that is doing the rejection
(although that was my initial plan).  The point of my current proposal
is just to improve the usability issue caused by that bugzilla
rejecting behavior: inform users as early as possible that will reject this report , instead of wasting their time
and telling them in the last minute.

Nevertheless, DrKonqi users can still continue the reporting process
even after they are informed that will reject this
report, if they really want. They can still get the backtrace and
search for duplicates using DrKonqi as before. They just can't
successfully create new report using DrKonqi, exactly as they has been
informed at the very beginning. Oh I just realize one defect of the
current patch: Users (using disabled versions) can still use Drkonqi
to add crash information to existing reports .

> Is there some functionality around to re-direct the report to
> another bugtracker (optionally only if it is not matched)?

If we redirect those reports to another bug tracker (say, who are expected and willing to read those reports
from disabled/outdated versions ?

> (This all of course depends on how you handle which versions are
disabled in
> Bugzilla.)

I don't think there is established policy. That varies among products.
My personal preference is only enable previous stable version(4.9.5),
current stable version (4.10.3, probably also 4.10.2), and current
development version (4.10.60). I know that might sounds rude to some
distributions, but that is really my honest thought after dealing with
so many outdated crash reports.

That might deserve a discussion on kde-core-devel .


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