Soft feature freeze exception for DrKonqi

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Thu May 30 20:17:57 UTC 2013

Am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013, 14:53:41 schrieb Jekyll Wu:
> 于 2013年05月30日 18:39, Andreas K. Huettel 写道:
> The reality is: (since upgrading to bugzilla 4.2.5 at
> least one month ago) has already been rejecting any attempt against
> disabled versions. It is not DrKonqi that is doing the rejection
> (although that was my initial plan).  The point of my current proposal
> is just to improve the usability issue caused by that bugzilla
> rejecting behavior: inform users as early as possible that
> will reject this report , instead of wasting their time
> and telling them in the last minute.

OK that clarifies the situation, and it's a good plan. 

> > Is there some functionality around to re-direct the report to
> > another bugtracker (optionally only if it is not matched)?
> If we redirect those reports to another bug tracker (say
>, who are expected and willing to read those reports
> from disabled/outdated versions ?

I was thinking more about a messge roulghly like (packagers please don't shoot 
me immediately) "This version is too old and the KDE developers do not accept 
bug reports about it anymore. If you would like to submit the report to the 
${Distribution} bugtracker, please press continue, otherwise please abort."

I could imagine implementing this by providing a central place in the code 
where distros *can* if they want set a "secondary bugzilla" and maybe some 
description string- which if present is offered exactly and only when the 
primary one cannot be used.

However, probably the entire mechanism is too much tied into the specific 
structure of the KDE bugtracker (products, versions, ...).

In any case, this is offtopic for here by now (but feel free to cc me if a 
future discussion is started, I'm not yet subscribed to kde-core-devel again.)

Cheers, A
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