Soft Freeze Exception for Nepomuk

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon May 27 19:07:38 UTC 2013

El Dimarts, 28 de maig de 2013, a les 00:20:37, Vishesh Handa va escriure:
> Hey guys

Hi there,

> I seem to have missed the soft feature freeze by a day and added my feature
> list a day later (23rd instead of 22nd).
> I'm currently working on the following features -
> * Index Scheduling - Better scheduling for files and emails when indexing
> * Missing Indexers - ebook and office formats
> I've actually already committed some of the office formats (ms2007 and odf)
> indexers.
> If it's okay with everyone, I would like to keep working on these features
> for 4.11. Specially since the new nepomuk controller is already on the
> feature list and that would not be complete without better scheduling.

Works for me. 

Olivier, you're listed as kde-runtime release coordinator at

What do you say?


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