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Mon Aug 19 13:25:02 UTC 2013

On Monday 19 August 2013 20:03:45 Ho Wan Chan wrote:
> Hello KDE Release Team,
> I'm Howard Chan, and I'm currently helping KDE Promotion Team to write
> an article on our new release production style. Details can be found
> at
> .html
> However, we don't know about the initiatives and timelines for KDE
> applications to base on KDE Platform 5, so I would like to ask for the
> application maintainers whether they will port their applications to
> KDE Frameworks 5 (and Plasma Workspaces 2) and whether they will do
> any more releases. The information will be included in the article.

When we came up with the idea of freezing the Workspaces, we explicitly wanted 
to make sure that the applications are not affected by our decision and that we 
don't want to force any application to go to frameworks 5 early. In the 
workspaces we need more time for adjusting to frameworks than a normal 
application would need. At the current time it's probably still a rather bad 
idea to consider frameworks for most applications.

Given your mail I'm a little bit afraid that this will generate the wrong 
message to application developers. It looks like they are supposed to think 
about Frameworks 5 now.

If you want to do a blog post or a news post about it, it would be awesome to 
explicitly point out that there will be a 4.12 release for the applications 
and that just the workspaces are frozen. At least the German media got that 
terribly wrong.

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