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Ho Wan Chan smartboyhw at
Mon Aug 19 13:34:40 UTC 2013

Hello Martin (and KDE Release Team),

What will happen AFTER KDE Applications 4.12 release? It's just 6
months away, and we would like to provide on what will happen after

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)

2013/8/19 Martin Graesslin <mgraesslin at>:
> On Monday 19 August 2013 20:03:45 Ho Wan Chan wrote:
>> Hello KDE Release Team,
>> I'm Howard Chan, and I'm currently helping KDE Promotion Team to write
>> an article on our new release production style. Details can be found
>> at
>> .html
>> However, we don't know about the initiatives and timelines for KDE
>> applications to base on KDE Platform 5, so I would like to ask for the
>> application maintainers whether they will port their applications to
>> KDE Frameworks 5 (and Plasma Workspaces 2) and whether they will do
>> any more releases. The information will be included in the article.
> When we came up with the idea of freezing the Workspaces, we explicitly wanted
> to make sure that the applications are not affected by our decision and that we
> don't want to force any application to go to frameworks 5 early. In the
> workspaces we need more time for adjusting to frameworks than a normal
> application would need. At the current time it's probably still a rather bad
> idea to consider frameworks for most applications.
> Given your mail I'm a little bit afraid that this will generate the wrong
> message to application developers. It looks like they are supposed to think
> about Frameworks 5 now.
> If you want to do a blog post or a news post about it, it would be awesome to
> explicitly point out that there will be a 4.12 release for the applications
> and that just the workspaces are frozen. At least the German media got that
> terribly wrong.
> Cheers
> Martin

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