Calling off Beta1

Adrian Schröter adrian at
Tue May 29 21:08:50 UTC 2012

Am Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012, 22:35:23 schrieb Kevin Kofler:
> On Tuesday 29 May 2012, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > I'm not.  You've known about this since Saturday.  AFAIK didn't consult 
> > packagers on impacts.  Made a late announcement (if you were going to do
> > this,  waiting three days did't help).  Then you give a very pointed
> > response to anyone who questions your decisions.
> +1
> Saturday would have been in time to cancel the release. We started importing 
> it on Monday. Canceling the release after the distros already started 
> packaging it is a complete no go.
> > Fine.  You're the release dude, so decide, but there are ways to deal with
> > it  that are much less abrasive than this.  I read your mail on Saturday
> > and thought it meant "go package the soprano snapshot - you'll need
> > it".  It never even occurred to me that the release would be canceled.
> Same here (or actually I'd have hoped Albert would try to coax the Soprano 
> maintainers into doing a release, which would have been the proper way out of 
> this crisis). It isn't even the first time this occurred, and canceling the 
> beta release wasn't ever even for dicussion in the past, nor did the mail on 
> Saturday give any hint that this might possibly happen this time.

Maybe just the wording is a bit wrong. There will be always a first beta. Even
though maybe not in time, but it absolute makes no sense to release a Beta 2 as
first step ;)

I think the beta 1 is still waiting for a soprano release.

So for the future KDE should either create the official soprano releases as well
or it should require just the latest official one before. That means developers
of kdelibs should not depend on not yet released soprano releases ...

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