Delay KDE 4.9 (Was: KDE 4.9 Beta 1 Tagging)

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Tue May 22 11:07:35 UTC 2012


On Sunday, May 20, 2012 13:19:36 Allen Winter wrote:
> I can't see anyway at all that we can keep to the current schedule for KDE
> 4.9.
> Well, not unless we get a lot more activity going here at Release Central
> (tm)
> I propose we reset back to the soft feature freeze mode now.
> Then start over with the hard feature freeze and messate freeze on 17 June.
> Effectively I'm proposing to insert 1 extra month in the schedule.
> Objections or comments?
> So far I'm not having much luck finding time to work on release stuff
> and I know that Torgny hasn't much time either.

I think instead of delaying, we should try to find a solution (maybe 
additional manpower?), then see what we can do and only then pick a new 
release date. Delaying at this point won't help us a bit, we'd just be running 
into the same problems 4 weeks later.

How about a call for additional volunteers on k-c-d? Allen, do you think the 
work is easy to spread, if not, what would we need to do it to make it 
spreadable? Which tasks are open for volunteers?

Thanks for stepping up, btw. That's greatly appreciated. (But as I said, you 
and Torgny can't be the only one.)

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