Proposed adjustments to our release cycles

Torgny Nyblom nyblom at
Tue Jun 19 14:31:37 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 19 June 2012 14.51.03 Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> On 06/18/2012 07:47 PM, Torgny Nyblom wrote:
> > On Monday 18 June 2012 19.08.33 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> >> El Dilluns, 18 de juny de 2012, a les 06:36:33, Martin Gräßlin va escriure:
> >>> On Monday 18 June 2012 00:26:13 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> >>>> My concerns:
> >>>>   * Need more people to do the tarball packaging/releasing (since if you
> >>>>
> >>>> propose to release that often you can't expect the same person to be doing
> >>>> packages almost weekly or byweekly given the release dates won't probably
> >>>> align)
> >>> I would say we need proper Jenkins support for that. It must be as simple as
> >>> clicking one button to have the tarball fall out of the CI system and
> >>> already know whether it compiles or not.
> >> This is cool, i totally support that, just don't see it there, do we have any
> >> volunteer for the work?
> > I'm working on it :)
> >
> > websites/build-kde-org development branch
> >
> > Here are the scripts that are supposed to be used for the new Jenkins
> > install that is cooking.
> > Together with either the traditional packaging scripts or the new that
> > Allen has been working on the plan is to allow packaging to be done
> > automatically and periodically. Ideally each package will then be the
> > base of a build + test run.
> >
> > /Regards
> > Torgny
> There are several problems that were identified at the last releases 
> (4.9 Betas and 4.8.4) and some can be addressed by Jenkins.
> What we would need among other things:
> - continuous build of stable KDE (was 4.8 branch) against the lowest Qt 
> required and against all released dependencies (Soprano in particular 
> but all the others as well) - a list of these should be available so 
> people can check versions and even tarballs locations

Should be a question of hardware once the new setup is done.

> After the 4.8.4 problems I looked at Jenkins and found the kdelibs 4.8 
> built failed for several days (weeks even).
> - how are problems reported from Jenkins? to whom? (build problems, 
> tests failing problems,...)

All jobs (a job is one build + test) are reported to #kde-builds.
For the rest it differs from job to job.
For kdepim* a mail is sent to kdepim-builds for all broken builds and all changes in status.
Some jobs have the same setup but different mail lists and some have none.
> - generating tarballs directly from Jenkins: from what you wrote I 
> gather this is Allen's task, is there any ETA on this?

Allen is working on scripts that can be used for packaging KDE, I'm planning on taking these scripts and integrating them into Jenkins. As for ETA, no I do not have any.

> - questions I am asking myself about Jenkins: what archs are supported? 
> what gcc versions? when will all modules be integrated? are there some 
> talks of BoKs at Akademy about this?

Right now only Linux x86_64 is supported but Windows and Linux i386 is on the radar.
For gcc it's what is included in Debian testing as that is what the build slave is running.
For the scope it's a question of when I get the time to finish the new setup and the available capacity Jenkins can use.

To my knowledge the will be no BoKs at Akadamy.

> There is a lot to do and 1 person + Allen are not enough in my opinion. 
> A CI system team should be in relation with the QA Team and the Release 
> Team.

For the Release Team I think we (I) am via Allen. 

> Do you have a road map?a list of tasks?

I have a start here:
Not much but it's a start.


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