Request for delaying 4.8.4 request

Andreas K. Huettel dilfridge at
Wed Jun 6 11:31:28 UTC 2012

> What do you expect to be in the .5 release? I as a developer already
> deleted my local KDE/4.8 branch as the release schedule said there won't
> be any 4.8 release any more. I expect that also other developers are
> able to read the schedule and do their planning according to it.
> Even if I had the local branch around, I would probably no longer push
> any changes to 4.8. From a bugfixing perspective we are concentrating on
> 4.9 and it becomes more and more difficult to test anything on 4.8,
> especially once 4.9 is branched. The time spend backporting to 4.8 is
> quite high compared to the benefits of the bugfix to go into that
> release.

Certainly there will be some fixes that are developed and/or applied for 
example by distributions or with help from them. After all some people will 
actually run 4.8 now and not immediately switch to 4.9. :) Being able to 
collect them somewhere with review would be a huge bonus, and could in the end 
lead to a 4.8.5 release. Making KDE even more stable and user-friendly!

Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer
kde, sci, arm, tex, printing
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