Request for delaying 4.8.4 request

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Tue Jun 5 15:27:45 UTC 2012

On Monday 04 June 2012, Alex Fiestas wrote:

> I'm waiting until Bensi reviews it on reviewboard, it is simple enough to
> review it in 5min so I don't think review is in "process".

Hi Alex,

can we ping "Bensi" ? I don't know his contact address, did we try other means 
to reach him?

If we can get it reviewed in time we can pick it up. 

> Oh, also the patch fix a crash by avoid hitting an ASSERT, I was actually
> fixing that on the first place.

Hmm, that sounds good at least. I don't wnat to promise that I can take a look 
at it myself since I likely won't have time. 

what would be the worst impact if we introduce a regression with the fix? I'm 
not very familiar with the risk attached to just picking up the fix. 


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