KDE 4.8.5 planning

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Sat Jul 7 10:05:34 UTC 2012

On Thursday, July 05, 2012 19:51:41 Michael Jansen wrote:
> > > > Will that be a "normal" release (i.e. full KDE SC) or just kdelibs?
> > > 
> > > This might be a nice time to try only releasing the packages that have
> > > changes.
> > 
> > Please dont change that within stable series.

I fully agree with that. It's stable release for a reason, not the time to 
experiment with something so fundamental as this.

> > Also, *before* you start doing partial releases, please present an exact
> > definition of the dependencies *between versions*.
> As i see that you are on the release-team list. May i ask why you voice your
> objections the exact same moment someone wants to try something we
> discussed here on the list for quite some time instead of actively
> participating this to the discussion before?

So, where has this been discussed before? Are you refering to the split 
release proposal between frameworks, workspaces and apps? If so, that's at the 
earliest post Frameworks 5 material, but as there is no firm support for that, 
I suppose even Frameworks 5 timeframe will still see our monolithic releases, 
until we decide (not just discuss!) to do otherwise.

If it's about something else, could you provide a pointer, because I seem to 
have missed that discussion.


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