KDE 4.8.5 planning

Rex Dieter rdieter at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 5 19:08:10 UTC 2012

On 07/05/2012 12:51 PM, Michael Jansen wrote:

>  > Also, *before* you start doing partial releases, please present an exact
>  > definition of the dependencies *between versions*.
> As i see that you are on the release-team list. May i ask why you voice
> your objections the exact same moment someone wants to try something we
> discussed here on the list for quite some time instead of actively
> participating this to the discussion before?

So, one the one hand, I do applaud you for your efforts to make things 
suck less release-wise.   Really, really, really I do.  you rock.

On the other hand, I (among at least one other in this recent thread) 
was too busy to chime in earlier.   Yeah, I suck for that.  Boo on me.

But, there was a difference between the brainstorming and *just* talk, 
and then moving to the next step(s) and actually doing it.  at that 
point, folks waved flags that the a proposed change could have bad 
side-effects that affect them directly.

Sorry for that.  Please be patient.  have I mentioned you rock?

-- rex

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