Application version numbers, SC version numbers and FIXED-IN

Allen Winter winter at
Thu Dec 27 21:16:55 UTC 2012

On Thursday 27 December 2012 11:57:28 AM Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> Hi,
> Gwenview version number is 2.x.y, where x.y follows KDE SC 4.x.y (meaning KDE 
> SC 4.9.5 ships Gwenview 2.9.5).
> Until now we have been using Gwenview version numbers for Bugzilla FIXED-IN 
> fields but it has been brought to my attention that doing so means Gwenview 
> fixes do not get listed in the Bugzilla link.
> We could get rid of the notion of Gwenview version numbers and just use KDE SC 
> version numbers, but I don't think this would work for example for KMail. 

For the record, most kdepim apps use the same version number as KDE SC.
Including KMail2, KOrganizer, Akregator, KAddressbook...

> Is there an established policy for this?

Not to my knowledge.

> Should we use KDE SC version numbers in the FIXED-IN field?

Good question.

The definition of "Version Fixed In" is "A custom Free Text field in this installation of KDE Bugtracking System."
Therefore, you could put the KDE SC version *and* the Gwenview version both.

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