kde-runtime kdelibs dep

David Faure faure at kde.org
Fri Dec 14 15:52:32 UTC 2012

I just fixed a bug in kde-runtime (bug 183403), but I can't commit the last 
part of the fix, because it would make kde-runtime depend (at runtime) on 
kdelibs >= 4.10. Currently the toplevel cmakelists.txt says 4.8.

Current situation in kde-runtime master (-> upcoming 4.10). bug 183403 is 
present, copying out of the trash leads to "0-" prepended. Ugly, but not 

If I commit the fix in kde-runtime without raising the kdelibs requirement, 
then a kdelibs-4.9 + kde-runtime-4.10 user, will end up with a nastier bug, 
where copying a directory out of the trash uses the right name, but flattens 
out the contents of the directory (a/b/f -> a/f).

If I commit the fix in kde-runtime *and* raise the requirement to kdelibs 4.10 
(both of which will be released at the same time), then the bug will be fixed 
without such a nasty regression.

Tell me what to do :-)
The bug is not critical, this can wait [except that I'll surely forget to 
commit the fix, of course ;)].

IIRC Albert asked "is there a reason to raise the requirement" earlier, I had 
no reason back then, but I think in the future I'll answer: kde-runtime should 
always require at least the same version of kdelibs, just in case :-)

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