kdemultimedia move to git aborted for now

Trever Fischer tdfischer at fedoraproject.org
Fri Apr 6 14:22:11 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-04-06 at 07:22 +0200, Eike Hein wrote:
> Hi,
> unfortunately sysadmin woke up today to find that the git conversion
> of the kdemultimedia repositories that was announced yesterday is of
> untenable quality: There is missing history (both in converted branches
> as well as entire missing branches), files are missing from repo-

If you are referring to work branches, I assume you mean this one
abandoned branch I found last month that is 6 years old, unmergable, and
not worth considering:


Feel free to disagree about my judgement, but I don't feel a 6 year old
personal branch merits inclusion for the sake of preserving irrelevant

If you are referring to pre-3.2 branches, yeah. Fixing that. It is
related to the 'detatched' tags mentioned below.

> sitories and the buildsystem fixes to allow for standalone building
> were not applied consistently across branches, along with potentially
> other problems.
> Due to the brief time window since the migration was announced and
> the relatively few commits that went into them since, we believe
> there is still an opportunity now to abort things and fix up the
> repositories, rather than allow development to happen on top
> of broken repositories and incomplete history.

>From what I gathered this morning, the only broken bits are pre-3.x
tags. This is from a screenshot that I happened to find in the IRC logs
but was never sent to me:


> As a result all of the kdemultimedia repositories have been locked
> for write access for now.

KDEMM dev(s): If you've got commits to make, make them to local git

> Note that this does not mean that development is back in SVN again.
> That is a decision that will have to be made by the kdemultimedia
> maintainers and coordinated with KDE i18n, and will likely depend on
> the time needed to redo the git conversion.
> To the kdemultuimedia maintainers / those in charge of doing the kdemm
> conversion: Please get in touch with our svn2git expert Nicolás Alvarez
> (PovAddict) for details on what needs to be fixed in your conversion
> rules and then figure out a plan for redoing the conversion, as well
> as what steps to take to address the currently-halted kdemultimedia
> development.

KMix is the only repository in all of KDEMM that recieves *any* active
development. There isn't much development that is halted, and any work
on kmix can be added to the git repo and later converted to patches for
application later, wherever we end up (most likely git). Based on what
errors I've found through searching IRC logs of this morning, I don't
believe any of the 4.x and master refs will need modified at all.

> To the kdemultimedia developers: Those of you who have already
> committed to the git repositories may need to see to that your work
> ends up in whatever will be set up to replace them, be that a move
> back to SVN or fixed git repositories, in case that the conversion
> crew is not able to recover them. I trust they will keep you infor-
> med on this front, but stay alert.

Feel free to call me all sorts of names for screwing this one up. This
is mostly just me handling the entire conversion, and I accept
responsibility. I tried calling for help and peer-review since December,
but apparently not loud enough. Look at it this way: when this is all
done, its done and we can live happily ever after.

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