kdemultimedia move to git aborted for now

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Fri Apr 6 15:55:23 UTC 2012

On 04/06/2012 04:22 PM, Trever Fischer wrote:
> If you are referring to work branches, I assume you mean this one
> abandoned branch I found last month that is 6 years old, unmergable, and
> not worth considering:
> http://websvn.kde.org/branches/work/kdemm/kdemultimedia/
> Feel free to disagree about my judgement, but I don't feel a 6 year old
> personal branch merits inclusion for the sake of preserving irrelevant
> history.
> If you are referring to pre-3.2 branches, yeah. Fixing that. It is
> related to the 'detatched' tags mentioned below.

I was informed of missing version branches, missing history in one
repo past a move in SVN, and repositories in which entire files are
missing throughout the entire repo history. Please get in touch with
Nicolás for more. I'm actually not on top of the details myself as
he is the expert, but from what he told me, and feel free to dis-
agree about my judgement, it felt like the best move was to pull
the plug until at least further research was done.

> KMix is the only repository in all of KDEMM that recieves *any* active
> development. There isn't much development that is halted, and any work
> on kmix can be added to the git repo and later converted to patches for
> application later, wherever we end up (most likely git). Based on what
> errors I've found through searching IRC logs of this morning, I don't
> believe any of the 4.x and master refs will need modified at all.

Based on the above at least some 4.x and master refs likely _will_
change, but yeah, shouldn't be the end of the world.

> Feel free to call me all sorts of names for screwing this one up. This
> is mostly just me handling the entire conversion, and I accept
> responsibility. I tried calling for help and peer-review since December,
> but apparently not loud enough. Look at it this way: when this is all
> done, its done and we can live happily ever after.

I'm not interested in calling you any names. You're still awe-
some for stepping up to do this conversion at all; it's not like
there's a queue down the block of peope wanting to do this work.
There was plenty of opportunity to get caring and help you and
not enough people did, so we all collectively dropped the ball
on this one (with the exception of Nicolás who, while most
qualified, simply can't be everywhere at once: he was working
on kdegames).

Best regards,
Eike Hein

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