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Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Fri Apr 6 17:27:01 UTC 2012

Hi all,

after the last release I decided to never want to manually create the 
changelog ever again. All the information required to generate the changelog 
/should/ be in our bugtracker, so why do we create the changelog manually?

Today I scratched my own itch and I present the changelog generator:

All that is needed to get proper changelogs is everybody including

BUG: 12345
FIXED-IN: 4.8.3

in their commits. Now I have no idea how well our developers tend to use this 
when committing, but personally I would go so far that we should not have any 
commits to the stable branch which have not a referenced bug report.

If there is interest in it I am willing to extend the tool so that we can use 
it to generate the complete changelog for all of KDE in one go so that we 
never again have to manually edit XML files and never again have to write 
"that these changelogs are incomplete" :-)

Martin Gräßlin

>From the README:
This tool is meant to generate the KDE changelog for a given product by 
interaction with KDE's bugzilla installation.

The tool fetches all bug reports with version changed field containing the 
same version number as provided by the command line parameter "--version=" for 
the product in bugzilla identified by the command line parameter "--product=".

For each found bug which is resolved fixed the complete information is fetched 
including all comments. If the bug has severity "wishlist" a "feature" entry 
is generated, otherwise a "bugfix" entry. Additionally the tool searches 
through all comments to find the latest git commit attached to the report and 
if one is found adds it as the referenced revision in the changelog entry. The
bug's summary is used as the description text for the changelog entry.

How to use?

Example usage to generate the changelog for product "kwin", which is part of 
module "kdeworkspace" for version 4.9.0.

$ ./changeloggenerator --product=kwin --version=4.9.0 \
--module=kdeworkspace --repository=kde-workspace

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