adding a QA responsibility to the release team??

Frank Reininghaus frank78ac at
Mon Sep 19 12:21:48 UTC 2011


2011/9/19 Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas:
> On 18 September 2011 21:21, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> There's already a week between initial tarball creation (for packagers)
>> and official release.  Are you proposing making this longer?
> In this week,the tarballs are being created?If so,we don't have a
> week,because when the tarballs are out the packagers will get the non-fixed
> code.
> In general,i was thinking that the timeline of 2 weeks(before the tarball
> creation,could solve the issue).

just extending the time between the initial tarball creation and the
release won't help much. You'd also have to suggest what exactly is
supposed to happen during that time and who is responsible for doing
it ;-)

IMHO, the easiest way to detect regressions early is automated testing
using unit tests. It needs two things:

a) There should be good unit tests covering the functionality of the
code, and new unit tests added for bugs that get fixed.
Many parts of KDE do have some unit tests already, but there is
certainly room for improvement here.

b) The tests have to be run on a regular basis (especially before
releases), and any regressions have to be reported to the responsible
developers. Anyone can help with that - you just need to build the
code, run the tests and check if there's any regressions. And that is
a very fast procedure which does not need any extension of the time
before a release.


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