adding a QA responsibility to the release team??

Ian Monroe ian at
Mon Sep 19 12:12:10 UTC 2011

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 13:51, Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas <terietor at> wrote:
> On 18 September 2011 21:34, Ian Monroe <ian at> wrote:
>> Seems like the basic issue is that the (official) release + a week or
>> two is usually more stable then the release. But that's because the
>> release spurred people to find bugs and fix them.
> this means that we have to reconsider our release timelines,and find a
> better way?
> I stand for yes on that one.

No I mean, no matter what we do, releasing software is always going to
get more people to use the software and fix bugs. That's not really a
problem, and certainly can't be fixed by changing release timelines.


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