Add some apps to the 4.7 release?

Tom Albers toma at
Sun May 15 21:45:02 CEST 2011


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> Hi Thomas,
> On Saturday, May 14, 2011 21:28:40 Thomas Zander wrote:
> > I've been stabilizing and making ready for release some apps (in
> > git) and I
> > would like to get them released in the 4.7 release compilation.
> For 4.7, the hard feature freeze has already passed, it's too late to
> add apps
> at this point. You've also completely ignored existing review
> processes, as
> laid out on techbase. From a pure process POV, that's a bunch of
> show-
> stoppers.

I think it is important to know which scenario Thomas wants:

Make KOffice part of the main modules. That's indeed past the freeze date, lacks review and lacks maintainers for all apps, so that's a no-go.

Keep KOffice as it is and release together with the other parts of the SC. That's fine for me. KOffice is part of the KDE infrastructure and therefore allowed to join the SC release. More below, as I assumed Thomas applied for this scenario.

> I don't have a problem with you releasing KOffice separately, but at
> the same
> time as the SC releases, but I don't think we should make it part of
> the KDE
> SC.

We have released extragear application at the same time as the main modules. We even released completely unmaintained applications at the same time as the main modules. I don't see any reason why we would deny this to the KOffice team. 

Just as Amarok is welcome to release at the same day as the SC, KOffice is too. And they both can have their lines in the announcement. Just because I don't like Amarok, does not entitle me to block it. If we don't want KOffice in the SC, it's time to say that it should leave the KDE infrastructure.

Again, I'm not talking about scenario 1. Which I would oppose as well.

Tom Albers

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