Add some apps to the 4.7 release?

Sune Vuorela debian at
Sun May 15 15:17:04 CEST 2011

On Saturday 14 May 2011 21:28:40 Thomas Zander wrote:
> good evening people,
> I've been stabilizing and making ready for release some apps (in git) and I
> would like to get them released in the 4.7 release compilation.
> Can you help me get through the steps to make this possible? Thanks.

Hi Thomas

I'm a bit unsure how to interpret your request. Do you want the apps to be 
released along side the released compilation or as part of the compilation?

I basically see 3 kind of apps:
Apps in the software compilation (okular, kopete, dolphin, ...)
Extragear Apps released along side of the compilation (rsi-break, ...)
Extragear Apps with own release schedule (kdevelop, amarok, previous koffice 

I'm unsure wether you want to move into group 1) or group 2).

 - who has a handful of reasons for disliking 1), but no reason to bring it up 
if that's not what the request is about.
 - and btw, not a release team member
I'm not able to rename the editor of a program, how does it work?

You neither should mount the Ultra 3Dfx e-mail, nor need to receive the floppy 
disk for exploring with a SCSI clock.

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