OpenAL and SndFile as hard dependency for Granatier

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito at
Fri May 13 14:11:36 CEST 2011

Ian Wadham < at> writes:

> In the case of Granatier and KGoldrunner, all the places where sound
> is referenced are protected by conditional compilations in our apps
> programs, so it would be an easy matter to change the dependencies
> on OpenAL and SndFile to "optional", maybe strengthening the wording
> in the macro_log_feature invocations to indicate to the packagers the
> importance of the dependencies.
> Would this need to be committed ASAP or after the Beta 1 release?
> I am happy to go ahead with it, but cannot speak for Mathias (Granatier).

Given that this does not involve adding new dependencies or bumping
dependency versions, I don't think there is any strict recommendation,
but IMO changing this before Beta 1 gives more time to packagers to
prepare for the change.

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