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Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Mon Jun 6 17:46:27 CEST 2011

Hi KDE Release team!

I'd like to ask for an exception for a small patch adding a nice (and
important) feature into KNotify. Let me explain - currently you can set only
one icon for all your notification events. But if you have events like error
and info, one icon is just not enough. So this patch allows you to set an
icon per defined event. For example, in KDE-Telepathy, we aim for deep
system integration and this patch is really important for us, so we can use
different icons per event as we have several different events, info, error
and warning. With the desktop integration in mind, it makes perfect sense to
not use any generic Telepathy icon, but rather a special icon for all the
events. And I'd like to get this patch in for KDE 4.7, because otherwise we
could start using this as soon as January, which is a bit unfortunate. The
patch itself is backwards compatible, so totally nothing would be broken and
everyone would only gain. It was reviewed and approved (see [0]).

So, I'm kindly asking you for an exception to let this patch in for 4.7.
Would that please be possible?


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