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Tom Albers toma at
Mon Jun 6 18:37:21 CEST 2011

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> Hi KDE Release team!
> I'd like to ask for an exception for a small patch adding a nice (and
> important) feature into KNotify. Let me explain - currently you can
> set only one icon for all your notification events. But if you have
> events like error and info, one icon is just not enough. So this
> patch allows you to set an icon per defined event. For example, in
> KDE-Telepathy, we aim for deep system integration and this patch is
> really important for us, so we can use different icons per event as
> we have several different events, info, error and warning. With the
> desktop integration in mind, it makes perfect sense to not use any
> generic Telepathy icon, but rather a special icon for all the
> events. And I'd like to get this patch in for KDE 4.7, because
> otherwise we could start using this as soon as January, which is a
> bit unfortunate. The patch itself is backwards compatible, so
> totally nothing would be broken and everyone would only gain. It was
> reviewed and approved (see [0]).
> So, I'm kindly asking you for an exception to let this patch in for
> 4.7. Would that please be possible?

No objection from me.

Tom Albers
KDE Release Team

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