KDEPIM Needs More TIme

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Mon May 17 17:30:28 CEST 2010

On Friday 14 May 2010 8:42:21 am Allen Winter wrote:
> Howdy All,
> I regret to inform everyone that kdepim will not be ready for a 4.5 Beta1
> that is scheduled to happen in a few days.
> We estimate an extra month will be needed.
> Unfortunately, the massive porting effort to Akonadi (an even bigger job than
> the Qt3/KDE3 -> Qt4/KDE4 port) is taking longer than we anticipated.
> So, we have a couple of choices:
> 1) insert a 1 month long "alpha" [1], thereby delaying 4.5.0 by 1 month
> 2) keep kdepim out of 4.5.0 and release it separately 1 month later
> 3) keep kdepim out of 4.5.0 and release it again for 4.6.0
> Of course, I'd opt for choice 1.
> But there is simply no way we can put kdepim out there even in a beta at this time.
> Comments? Suggestions?
> -Allen, KDEPIM Module Coordinator
> [1] means the feature, dependency and soft api freezes are still in place but we are very lax
> when it comes to approving exemptions.  Everything scheduled for 19 May and beyond
> is moved forward 1 month.

After a few days discussing this, it seems we  know the following:

1) There is no desire to change the 4.5 release schedule.
Beta1 tagging should proceed as planned (19 May)

2) kdepim needs to delay at least 1 month. Therefore:
a) kdepim asks to be excluded from the 4.5.0 release schedule
b) kdepim will handle its own technology previews/betas
c) the kdepim4.5 release hopefully can be aligned with 4.5.1 (worst case 4.5.2)

Any objections to this plan?

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