[Kde-pim] KDEPIM Needs More TIme

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Fri May 14 20:21:10 CEST 2010

On Friday 14 May 2010, Allen Winter wrote:
> Howdy All,
> I regret to inform everyone that kdepim will not be ready for a 4.5
> Beta1 that is scheduled to happen in a few days.
> We estimate an extra month will be needed.
> Unfortunately, the massive porting effort to Akonadi (an even bigger
> job than the Qt3/KDE3 -> Qt4/KDE4 port) is taking longer than we
> anticipated.
> So, we have a couple of choices:
> 1) insert a 1 month long "alpha" [1], thereby delaying 4.5.0 by 1
> month
> 2) keep kdepim out of 4.5.0 and release it separately 1 month
> later
> 3) keep kdepim out of 4.5.0 and release it again for 4.6.0
> Of course, I'd opt for choice 1.
> But there is simply no way we can put kdepim out there even in a beta
> at this time.

My suggestion (as an outsider) is to opt for choice 3 or, more 
precisely, to opt for the following variant of 3:
- Take the time until 4.6.0 to make the Akonadi port of kdepim rock.
- Move current trunk/KDE/kdepim to a branch.
- Copy current branches/KDE/4.4/kdepim to trunk, i.e. revive kdepim 4.4 
for KDE SC 4.5.
- Probably keep kaddressbook trunk.
- Optionally, spend the time until 4.5.0 to fix the most annoying 
shortcomings in kdepim 4.4.

IMHO it does not make any sense to rush the completion of the Akonadi 
port of kdepim. We got enough beating (e.g. on kdepim-users) for 
releasing the incomplete rewrite of KAddressBook with all of its 
migration problems with 4.4. To prevent a similar experience with the 
Akonadi ports of KMail, KOrganizer, etc., we need an extended alpha and 
beta phase, not shortened ones.

If the Akonadi port of kdepim is ready for alpha or beta testing in a 
couple of months then we can (and should) make an alpha/beta release of 
kdepim (based on KDE SC 4.5) for those who are willing to play guinea 

Just my 2 cent as former maintainer of KMail and as support engineer for 
problems with kdepim 4.4 (mostly KAddressBook), Akonadi and Nepomuk on 

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