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Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Mar 28 03:48:18 CET 2009

On 28.03.09 01:26:26, Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
> A Saturday 28 March 2009 00:55:32, Sebastian Kügler escreveu:
> > In that case, it would make sense to ship it separately. This
> > change (which is the point of this discussion) is made already. Still,
> > that's not something we should change in a bug fix update as Andreas
> > pointed out as well.
> Realy im fine with anything as long as it works, by working i meen having some 
> way of geting a complete overview of the intire icon set, with i dont right 
> now, and nor do developers,

I can only speak for myself, but I as a developer always use
kdebase/runtime/oxygen to get an overview over icons that I should use
and to find one when I have a certain action.

> a developer serching for an specific icon for his 
> app as no place to go and look for all of them unless he instales every single 
> app out there that ships oxygen icons, and heven if he does he cant be sure 
> its realy an oxygen icon or a icon some application developer found some ware 
> and put it in his install oxygen directory...

Hmm, I'm not a guru in the icon-spec, but shouldn't apps install their
custom icons not into the oxygen directory but rather into the fallback
"hicolor" or what it is called? At least thats what KDevelop does with
the three "custom" icons it has and that gives other developers a clear
hint that these icons are not part of the oxygen iconset. (I just see
that we're creating quite some mess actually in kdevelop/pics, I'll try
to fix that tomorrow).

> I have no perfect anser for this but I can complain about it.... I have spoken 
> about this to the other icon designers we all agrea that a centralized place 
> for all icons is beter...

I don't see why that centralized place cannot be kdebase/runtime as that
is already a hard runtime requirement for all kde apps. I do understand
that you could more easily produce releases yourself from a
kdesupport/oxygen-icons module, so I'm not saying you should go back to
kdebase/runtime if the separate releases are an important factor.

Apart from that I mostly see education problems and the problem of
people copying existing apps to start their own (and existing apps doing
it wrong). And you can't fix those problems with throwing software or
hardware at them, btw. anybody knows what the tutorials on techbase tell
people about icons?


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