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Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Mar 28 03:41:29 CET 2009

On 28.03.09 01:55:32, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Saturday 28 March 2009 01:27:58 Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
> > Well my issue is another as nothing to do with the issues so far.
> >
> > its about control, we are creating a new kde3.x mess couse aplications are
> > creating their hown versions of the same icons, and not teling any one they
> > do so, couse well they dont have 2.
> I see. I don't see another solution than to make it easy to ship all icons 
> from one canonical source. Maybe we should have a mechanism to download 
> missing icons automatically, so Oxygen is shipped as webservice. Or at least 
> educating application developers better.
> Realistically, there will always be the problem of people not passing their 
> modifications up, it's just too easy to change the name and ship it, while 
> passing it back upstream is hard.

Another reason to ship icons with an application is that there's only a
limited amount of artists available and they have only limited time.
In KDevelop we have currently two icons "copied" from an oxygen icon
(and one coming from KDE3) that we ship, simply because the artists
didn't yet get around to work on the list of icons posted in the wiki
for KDevelop. I'm trying to keep such things out of kdevelop and thats
why there are no icons in the menus for some of the most-used actions,
but in some cases having text is simply not an option (toolbars in
dockwidgets for example).

> Am I assuming correctly that the only regressions caused by icons is when an 
> icon gets a different name and needs to be moved?

Yes in that case we'd either need a copy of the old name still around or
make sure all apps using the icon are updated.
> > this is a solution to that issue, no one came up with a beter one..
> Let's try to find a better one then :) I don't see in how far putting icons 
> into kdesupport would solve that problem?

Yeah, I think the problem is rather that

a) app devs don't know that kdebase/runtime is a dependency for _every_
kde app and they might also not know they should pick icons from there
or request them from the oxygen tema
b) what I said above about limited resources for creating icons

> Or is the problem the size of Oxygen? I can imagine that you don't want to 
> ship every single special application icon in the world in the kdebase 
> tarball.
> In that case, it would make sense to ship it separately.

I don't really see how shipping a huge tarball that all kde apps depend
on outside of kdebase is better than shipping it inside. But I don't
have a good idea how to fix the size of the oxygen dir (in terms of
files) without starting to scatter around app-specific icons to the
applications - which might again lead to duplication and confusion as
Nuno pointed out.


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