Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Tue Jun 30 13:43:18 CEST 2009

On Monday 29 June 2009, Sebastian Kügler wrote:

> Distros just shouldn't directly release the stuff to their users before we
> say "yes, this is the actual release". We could ask the packagers to be a
> bit more careful.

We used to have the rule that the packages are not supposed to be published 
before we announce them, but the enforcement of that got lost meanwhile.

> We *could* do a second RC, but I don't see a huge amount of value in it
> *right now*. Tagging won't happen before the end of Akademy, add a couple
> of days until it's out (see the dance above), so the release is really,
> really close to the 4.3.0 release (which is of course also tagged one week
> before).

I'm fine with doing another RC. we can either do one tomorrow and delay a week 
like usual or we do it next week and release earlier. I think most packagers 
should have their scripts ready to do a new RC build of packages within 2-3 
days at most. 

My preference is currently to do one early next week and release early. 


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