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Thu May 8 18:47:24 CEST 2008

On Thursday 08 May 2008, Will Stephenson wrote:
> The summary plugin works but it was just getting empty strings back from
> the weather service when i disabled it a couple of weeks ago.  Plasma's
> weather engine could supply the data but it's tied to Plasma, and Kontact
> is explicitly designed to work on windows where there is no Plasma.   It
> would be nice to decouple the new engine from Plasma.

the weather engine relies on libplasma which compiles on windows and, until 
recently, mac (a bug in their compiler is going to force me to make a small 
adjustment in one of the headers i think =/).

amarok2 is relying on this, among others.

so there is really no reason kontact couldn't use it if they wanted to.

> > About the plasma thing: IMHO it was just the new rewrite, without taking
> > in consideration kweather at all (especially that now the weather "ions"
> > are plugins for the plasma engine, so no way to use those like the D-Bus
> > kweather engine.)

the plugin design and d-bus accessibility really have little to do with each 

it's not something we've looked into from the plasma perspective much yet, but 
you're not the first to ask for this either (ability to set up engines and 
share them via d-bus).

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