the future of kdetoys

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Wed May 7 23:08:32 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 07 May 2008, Stefan Böhmann wrote:

> In short: I think the kdetoys module is dead.

even in KDE 3.x times it was used as a testing module for build system changes 
(because it is small and compiles quickly) :)

I think I'm fine with moving the stuff into an extragear module and just not 
releasing it together with KDE. on the other side, it contains useful stuff. 

> 3. eyesapplet
> and the same here. But here I could't find an alternative plasmoid yet.

noone has written an eyes plasmoid! OMG! thats a nice weekend job for a new 
developer, isn't it :)

> So the final question is, should we possibly keep kdetoys with only
> one "utility"? Or should we move this application(s) to kdeutils or
> extragear and remove kdetoys entirely.

I agree, but we should maybe introduce another module that can be used as a 
collection of useful plasmoids (e.g. a new name for extragear/plasma). I 
would suggest kdeplasmoids. 

the reason for that is that the idea of releasing extragear/plasma together 
with KDE was good, but it wasn't practical as plasmoids in there kept using 
the latest API and so even with KDE 4.0.1 (or 4.02) it wasn't possible 
anymore to release it. by creating a module that goes with the regular KDE 
branches we can fix that. 


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