the future of kdetoys

Will Stephenson wstephenson at
Thu May 8 10:54:14 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 07 May 2008, Pino Toscano said:
> > 4. kweather
> > kweather is something curious. Some parts are ported (kweatherreport and
> > kweatherservice)
> AFAIR, kweather has a service running on DCOP/D-Bus for getting the weather
> data, and clients communicate to it via the bus wire.
> Apart the kweather kicker applet, there is another client for it: the
> weather plugin for the kontact summary view. I don't know its state,
> though. (Although, I think it should be more-or-less working. Any PIM-er
> has an idea?)

The summary plugin works but it was just getting empty strings back from the 
weather service when i disabled it a couple of weeks ago.  Plasma's weather 
engine could supply the data but it's tied to Plasma, and Kontact is 
explicitly designed to work on windows where there is no Plasma.   It would 
be nice to decouple the new engine from Plasma.

> About the plasma thing: IMHO it was just the new rewrite, without taking in
> consideration kweather at all (especially that now the weather "ions" are
> plugins for the plasma engine, so no way to use those like the D-Bus
> kweather engine.)



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