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> 1. kmoon

This was removed from trunk (4.1) some weeks ago, already.
The reason is the one you said, plasma_applet_luna.

> 4. kweather
> kweather is something curious. Some parts are ported (kweatherreport and
> kweatherservice)

AFAIR, kweather has a service running on DCOP/D-Bus for getting the weather 
data, and clients communicate to it via the bus wire.

Apart the kweather kicker applet, there is another client for it: the weather 
plugin for the kontact summary view. I don't know its state, though. 
(Although, I think it should be more-or-less working. Any PIM-er has an 

About the plasma thing: IMHO it was just the new rewrite, without taking in 
consideration kweather at all (especially that now the weather "ions" are 
plugins for the plasma engine, so no way to use those like the D-Bus kweather 
Anyway, let the plasma developers talk about that.

> 5. kworldclock
> kworldclock seems to be ok for the moment, but didn't have a maintainer.
> Also Henry de Valence works on a new plasma based world clock (see [3]).

I think it's finding its new way as plasma applet, based on Marble.

> 6. ktux  and  7. amor
> No maintainer and as far as I know nobody did work on this applications
> since 2006 (besides basic porting/i18n and similar tasks).

At least for amor, I remember it was working.

> 8. kteatime
> I ported this application to KDE4 and took care of it since then.

Please don't bring away the kde teapot reminder! :)

> [big snip]
> What do you think?

Either move the working non-plasma stuff to kdeutils, or to some extragear, 
toys or utils.

For the kicker stuff, maybe it's worth directly the removal (not even the move 
to unmaintained), as it's just that needs to be totally rewritten (or 
mostly), so you could start from KDE 3.5.x codebase. KDE 4.x porting does not 
add much, I think...

Pino Toscano
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