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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Mar 30 19:26:50 CEST 2008

On 30.03.08 17:35:54, Simon Edwards wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 30.03.08 08:19:33, Allen Winter wrote:
> > I'm not a kdebindings person, but I did try both korundum (ruby) and
> > I know PyQt/PyKDE for quite some time.
> > 
> > Both have one drawback:
> > - PyQt/PyKDE are both mostly developed in private repositories of one
> >   person (well, one for each), which means that fixes sometimes take a
> >   bit longer and (especially PyQt4) don't follow our release cycles
> > But even though both bindings are in quite good shape - AFAIK and both
> > languages should be pre-approved.
> That is not entirely accurate. PyQt is developed privately at Riverbank 
> Computing and snapshots are regularly made available. (It looks like 
> Phil is publishing nightly snapshots).

Thats not something KDE can reliably depend on, because those are not
added to distributions. 

> When a new version of Qt is released, the updated PyQt release quickly
> follows in general. Usually long before the next release of KDE which
> requires the new Qt.  Phil has always been responsive to bug reports
> in my experience.

Maybe my memory is wrong, but I think the PyQt4.1 and PyQt4.2 versions
came out quite some time after the relevant Qt release. And right now I
can't try out PyQt4/PyKDE4 because there's no version that I can compile
as I don't have space for a KDE 4.0 checkout on disk.

> PyKDE is split between Jim Bublitz and myself. Jim is the main PyKDE guy 
> who does most of the big changes and tooling work for generating the 
> bindings. Jim's time and bandwidth is limited which makes it hard for 
> him to track SVN trunk. This is where I step in and manage PyKDE in 
> kdebindings and integrating Jim's work into SVN. I also do maintenance 
> work on PyKDE and update the bindings to track SVN (which I did leading 
> up to 4.0). Jim has been sharing his knowledge with me to help increase 
> PyKDE's "bus factor"[1].

Yes, but then Jim has to integrate those changes back into his private
repo and thats going back and forth. Its as far as I can see not a big
deal and yes both of you and also Phil are really responsive to
bugreports on the mailinglists. Still its a small drawback when
comparing that to the ruby bindings. OTOH you've got the better docs and
examples I think ;)

> PyQt and PyKDE have been around for bit a long time already and are 
> highly mature.

No doubt about that. I never intended to say that python is not a good
choice, however re-reading my last sentence I see that its quite a bit
cryptic (probably due to me having learnt german as first language ;).


Today's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why.
		-- Hunter S. Thompson

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