Pre-approved Languages

Allen Winter winter at
Sun Mar 30 14:19:33 CEST 2008


So we seem to have reached consensus on a policy (enclosed below).

Now I think we should take on the task of pre-approving a couple
of non-C++ languages,  thereby giving the green light to anyone
thinking about using one of them => Chicken Lays Egg.

Nominations anyone?

We really need input from the kdebindings folks in order to
judge how well the nominated language meets requirement #3.

-- KDE Programming Languages Policy --
1) must be an open, free language that meets our licensing requirements
2) must be a mature, high quality language with a large, vibrant
support community and a long expected lifespan.
3) must have mature, high quality KDE bindings available
4) must be mature and operational on all our target platforms
5) must be able to provide full translations and internationalizations

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