Non-C++ Apps in KDE Main Modules (Was: Guidance in KDE Admin)

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Fri Mar 28 23:36:39 CET 2008

>  Sure, but this also exposed the problem that having a Python app makes
>  our lives not easier than I would expected, but in some ways even
>  harder. In the particular case it has dependencies not available in a
>  modern and widely used distribution and for some of them it is suggested
>  to get from svn.

Yes, and where did you find your binary Qt 4.4 version to compile KDE
4 ? You compile it too from SVN. as Aaron said, this is because
something is not widely used that it is not available everywhere. How
many CMake version every distributions packaged before KDE 4 decided
to make it its builder ?

>  There is a lot of things that could be implemented in such languages and
>  I would not oppose to them. So I cannot believe that such an attitude
>  scared away the developers. After all there was Guidance for KDE3, it
>  was accepted in KDE extragear, just like K3B, KTorrent  or KMPlayer was.
>  And we can do the same now. Again, I just don't like the idea to have
>  applications that are a must on a KDE desktop to be written in scripting
>  languages. If they are daemon like ones, that's even worse. If there is
>  a very good Plasma applet written in Python that I like, I may decide to
>  use it, just don't make e.g. the clock a Python application. Or Ruby.

And why not ? It is as if you think there is an unlimited pool of
available developers, all with perfect skills in C++. Developers who
contributes to KDE come with their skills, and you seem to close the
KDE door to Python-only developer who would like to create a Clock in
Python for the KDE desktop ? He has to know C++ only to contribute to
KDE ? This kind of languages and the way and problems to integrate
them well in KDE are the necessary brick to open more the development
process to other people.

>  > and seeing the state of the printer app this would be replacing (e.g.
>  > none; it's non-existent in kde4 right now), i think having something
>  > that exists totally trumps a theoretical c++ app that doesn't.
>  It is unfortunate that in this case there is no c++ app replacing it.
>  Sincerely I was not aware of it. I'd rather ask for public help to
>  either port kjobviewer to KDE4 or write a new one. Can even be a SoC
>  project.

Once again, it's as if Google will always give money to KDE project
for re-implement something. If an application exists, is well written
and respect the criteria defined previously by Allen, why not adding
it ? It's not Cobol, nor C#, but a modern and clean object oriented
scripting language.

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