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Sat Jul 19 16:06:46 CEST 2008

On Saturday 19 July 2008 15:49:30 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Hi,
> several weeks ago we (me and Matthias) moved automoc from kdelibs to
> kdesupport so that the automoc-functionality ( #include "foo.moc" and all
> the rest happens magically) can be used also by non-KDE apps, as e.g.
> phonon, akonadi, etc..
> This works so far, but we kept automoc in kdelibs so it could be used
> optionally in case kdesupport wasn't current. We made automoc from
> kdesupport mandatory a few weeks ago, so the first release which requires
> automoc from kdesupport was 4.1RC1.
> It seems this didn't go very smoothly.
> There are some complaints from people who couldn't build KDE because they
> didn't have automoc (from kdesupport). We haven't done an official separate
> automoc release yet.

That's not entirely right. For the last beta I asked dirk to do the automoc4 
0.9.83 tarball. You can find it on

I need an automoc4 0.9.84 release as soon as possible, though. (I already 
released one package on that needs 0.9.84 when using cmake 2.6)

> How should this be handled ?
> (I would like if kdesupport would be released together with the rest of
> KDE, or at least be tagged, so later on it is easier to find a matching
> version)

I think the automoc (and phonon for that matter) releases need a better place 
on And either someone will need to take responsibility for those 
releases or I need to get access and instructions how to do them.

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