4.0 Release Details

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Wed Jan 9 12:52:51 CET 2008

Just a short note, in case I forgot something.

We will be putting up the release on Friday morning, UTC. Things that will be 
done then:

- ftp.kde.org and mirrors have the tarballs them in publicly accessible place
- www.kde.org has the announcement on the frontpage
- www.kde.org/announcements has an announcement like earlier releases, if a 
  bit more fancy
- There is a Visual Guide linked from the announcement
- The Dot gets an Official Newsitem posted
- kde-announce at kde.org gets an email
- A formal press release is fed into press wires
- The press channel will get a sneak-peak today, un-embargoed on Friday

We will be coordinating on IRC (in the past that involved dirk, me and some 
others watching so we don't screw up ;-)).

This is really big and we will have unprecedented coverage in the media.
I'm confident that things will go well, but also a bit nervous. The betas and 
RCs gave us quite good practice and surfaced some things to keep in mind, so 
we're well trained and with structural fixes for glitches in the past. 

Last, I have a bottle of 1979 Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port ready. 
I will open it *after* things have gone well. :-)

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