KDE 4.1 planning

Mauricio Piacentini piacentini at kde.org
Wed Jan 9 00:41:37 CET 2008

Simon Edwards wrote:

 >>Of course a shorter schedule incurs more release process overhead.

 >>I see the KDE releases more as "a bus to be caught", and less as a
 >>schedule for my development. YMMV.

I think Simon summarized nicely the way I see the release process, and 
why I think 6 months is better. In other words, less time to wait for 
the next bus. New features/apps may take 1 month or 12 months to be 
ready, we have no control over this. But when they are done, the more 
buses we have means less time for the bits to arrive at the hands of the 
average user.
The main drawback to consider is the burden on the release team, but 
Dirk seems to agree that 6 months is doable.

Mauricio Piacentini

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