4.0 Release Details

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Wed Jan 9 19:20:30 CET 2008

Le Wednesday 09 January 2008 06:52:51 am Sebastian Kügler, vous avez écrit :
> Just a short note, in case I forgot something.
> We will be putting up the release on Friday morning, UTC. Things that will
> be done then:
> - ftp.kde.org and mirrors have the tarballs them in publicly accessible
> place - www.kde.org has the announcement on the frontpage
> - www.kde.org/announcements has an announcement like earlier releases, if a
>   bit more fancy
> - There is a Visual Guide linked from the announcement
> - The Dot gets an Official Newsitem posted
> - kde-announce at kde.org gets an email
> - A formal press release is fed into press wires
> - The press channel will get a sneak-peak today, un-embargoed on Friday

games.kde.org and edu.kde.org will switch to KDE 4 content websites. Games 
have a brand new and shiny website! 

Thanks for everything you did and do, Dirk and others. Don't worry and let's 
share this bottle all together!


> We will be coordinating on IRC (in the past that involved dirk, me and some
> others watching so we don't screw up ;-)).
> This is really big and we will have unprecedented coverage in the media.
> I'm confident that things will go well, but also a bit nervous. The betas
> and RCs gave us quite good practice and surfaced some things to keep in
> mind, so we're well trained and with structural fixes for glitches in the
> past.
> Last, I have a bottle of 1979 Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port
> ready. I will open it *after* things have gone well. :-)

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