KDE 4.1 planning

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Tue Jan 8 11:22:33 CET 2008

On Monday 07 January 2008, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> let's compromise here: i can give the release team all the information it
> needs/likes, and in turn the release team can stop being asshats

It is a mess, but I didn't blame you or anyone else for it. I'll try to be 
less direct in the future, but don't try to find offense in a factual 
statement ;)

> when 
> asking for said information. "mes^H^Hproject" indeed. seriously, what did
> you think you were going to accomplish with that?

Well, my current state of information: 

a) plasma waits for Qt 4.4 to bring new features for widget integration, which 
will deprecate and change many parts of the plasma api

b) nobody seems to actually know whether Qt 4.4 delivers what is needed 
becuause it hasn't been tried yet. 

c) there is no fixed plan yet wether to require Qt 4.4 or not. 

Thats what I call a mess. Give me a better name for such a "whatever you do 
and you loose" situation and I'll use that, deal? :-)

It also means that, if we depend on Qt 4.4, we would not be able to ship 
before 4.4 release, which means that the "release in April" idea could become 
foolish rather soon. Especially releasing in April means that if we want to 
align with distros (which is a good idea, after all we want the users to use 
our stuff), we have to be done around end of march. 

> mean a feature free in may. the various reasons i'd personally like to see
> a quick turn around for 4.1:

I agree about the quick turn around. 

> * it communicates the right things to downstreams: it sets a nice pace for
> our developers, lets our users know with clear action that we're done with
> feature based release schedules, etc.

Yes, I proposed that already, thanks for confirming it ;)

> > I'm slightly leaning towards 6 months, hoping that this would give us
> > back some traction with 'larger' distros which we seem to be losing
> > lately.
> lately? and it's because of a six month release cycle?

No, it is because 4.0 is approximately 2 years late and KDE 3.5.x releases 
were not aligned with distro releases. 


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