Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at basyskom.de
Tue Feb 12 16:24:07 CET 2008

> On Monday 11 February 2008 19:52:13 Matt Rogers wrote:
>> > copied here from playground for review and eventual move to kdepim or
>> > kdenetwork.
>> this is not all of decibel, or the most important part. There is also
>> branches/work/decibel that will most likely need to go to either kdelibs
>> or
>> kdebase/runtime since it contains the decibel daemon.
> Tobias can answer for sure, but there is a server and a client
> in kdereview/decibel.  So maybe the work branch can be
> removed now??

The work branch was where decibel lived before it got moved into
playground. The code has not been touched since then (at least not by

> Hmm.. we had been planning to put Decibel into kdepim, or maybe
> kdenetwork.
> But kdebase might be better.  Opinions?

Nope. I assumed it would end up in Kdepim since that is where it was in

Decibel will need to get data on contacts, so it will end up depending on
kdepimlibs. It already contains a KCModule, which is in kdebase I think. I
am not aware of other KDE dependencies at this time, nor am I planning to
add more. So add it whereever you think it does fit best. I'd think that
is kdenetwork, but I am not fully grasping the big picture wrt.
dependencies between modules yet.

>> Out of curiousity, are you doing this yourself, or at Tobias' request?
> We are working together on this.
> I added it to our feature plan a few weeks ago after Tobias and I
> discussed it on IRC.

Yeap, we talked this over on IRC.

Best Regards,

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