404 on most of the mirrors

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Mon Feb 4 19:33:40 CET 2008

Holger Schröder schrieb:
> On Friday 01 February 2008 14:56:34 Dirk Mueller wrote:
>> On Thursday 31 January 2008, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>>>>> e.g. http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/kde/unstable/3.97/windows does not work
>>>>> anymore.
>>>> the 3.97 unstable release was completly removed from the kde mirrors by
>>>> unknown. :-(
>> Sorry, a small messup that has been fixed. The files should appear again
>> shortly.
>>> ok, looks like we need our own server. The whole thing we the kde
>>> mirrors don't work at all. We've other needs than what ftp.kde.org is
>>> made for. We need to release packages like any other linux distribution.
>> And why can't you use download.kde.org for that? I think it is fine to add
>> smallish patches to our sources to be able to keep them compiling. And if
>> you regularly track the weekly snapshots of KDE 4.1, you should come close
>> to a state where you can just semi-automatically build the new snapshot
>> without any additional patch needed.
>>> CC'ing to release-team - maybe they've an idea how to solve this problem.
>> My idea would be: work together, help ensure that the weekly snapshots are
>> in a good state, package them and provide them via download.kde.org. If you
>> run into a problem, tell us about it instead of trying to do your own
>> thing.
> i am very much in favor of dirks proposal. in the long run (some years from 
> now) kde on windows will "only be kde on one of these platforms".
> so i don´t see a reason why we windows people should build a kind of own 
> infrastructure, when we kde people already have the infrastructure working 
> fine on big servers. and some great sysadmins which take care of them.
> when we windows people talk to them, they listen to us, i don´t know if that 
> would work for sf or some other hosting. so hosting on "foreign" servers will 
> only introduce one more point of possible failure.
> and it gives a better impression to the outside world / users, when we have an 
> integrated system that just works.
> i think dirks proposal which he told me at the release event is exactly what 
> we need. he offered to add a windows directory on the kde download server, 
> which he would use to mirror via rsync from some server, for example ralfs 
> server at cegit. that would leave us with the freedom to change the 
> subdirectory layout under that directory, as we see need in the future. and 
> it will be set up once and will continue to run without (much) further 
> maintenance.
> of course we are working to bring our patches upstream. it just takes time and 
> manpower.
Wee changed our buildsystem to also use releases from ftp instead doing
svn ones only. This (hopefully) solves the issues.


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