404 on most of the mirrors

Holger Schröder holger at holgis.net
Sat Feb 2 20:07:19 CET 2008

On Friday 01 February 2008 14:56:34 Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Thursday 31 January 2008, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> > >> e.g. http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/kde/unstable/3.97/windows does not work
> > >> anymore.
> > >
> > > the 3.97 unstable release was completly removed from the kde mirrors by
> > > unknown. :-(
> Sorry, a small messup that has been fixed. The files should appear again
> shortly.
> > ok, looks like we need our own server. The whole thing we the kde
> > mirrors don't work at all. We've other needs than what ftp.kde.org is
> > made for. We need to release packages like any other linux distribution.
> And why can't you use download.kde.org for that? I think it is fine to add
> smallish patches to our sources to be able to keep them compiling. And if
> you regularly track the weekly snapshots of KDE 4.1, you should come close
> to a state where you can just semi-automatically build the new snapshot
> without any additional patch needed.
> > CC'ing to release-team - maybe they've an idea how to solve this problem.
> My idea would be: work together, help ensure that the weekly snapshots are
> in a good state, package them and provide them via download.kde.org. If you
> run into a problem, tell us about it instead of trying to do your own
> thing.
i am very much in favor of dirks proposal. in the long run (some years from 
now) kde on windows will "only be kde on one of these platforms".

so i don´t see a reason why we windows people should build a kind of own 
infrastructure, when we kde people already have the infrastructure working 
fine on big servers. and some great sysadmins which take care of them.

when we windows people talk to them, they listen to us, i don´t know if that 
would work for sf or some other hosting. so hosting on "foreign" servers will 
only introduce one more point of possible failure.

and it gives a better impression to the outside world / users, when we have an 
integrated system that just works.

i think dirks proposal which he told me at the release event is exactly what 
we need. he offered to add a windows directory on the kde download server, 
which he would use to mirror via rsync from some server, for example ralfs 
server at cegit. that would leave us with the freedom to change the 
subdirectory layout under that directory, as we see need in the future. and 
it will be set up once and will continue to run without (much) further 

of course we are working to bring our patches upstream. it just takes time and 

regards, Holger

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