PROPOSAL: Moving the KDEPIM Enterprise Branch into the 3.5 Branch

Allen Winter winter at
Thu Oct 11 00:31:05 CEST 2007


I'm not sure if there will be more releases in the 3.5.x series... but I do
know that KDAB is on the hook for supporting the 3.5.x KDEPIM stuff
for many years to come.

Does it make sense/Is it plausible to effectively eliminate
the enterprise/kdepim branch by moving it into branches/KDE/3.5?

Many distros are moving to the enterprise branch now anyway.
Why? Because KDAB maintains the enterprise branch.

KDAB tries to port over some of the bug fixes and new features
from enterprise, but this feels like a lot of unnecessary work.

So my proposal is:
% svn mv branches/KDE/3.5/kdepim branches/kdepim-crappy
% svn mv branches/kdepim/enterprise/kdepim branches/KDE/3.5/kdepim


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