Thomas Zander zander at
Wed Oct 3 07:55:43 CEST 2007

Missing email-adres from the debian packaging team, which I think is great 
to have on this list is interrested parties :)

> Kde3libs and kde4libs is afaik currently coinstallable in the same
> prefix (But is quite unusable, unless kde4base also can be installed
> there)

This I don't understand,  what kdebase stuff needs to be coinstallable, 
but is not yet able to do so?

Icon themes either replace but mostly have a different name, which is the 
same for all things in 'runtime', even applications in runtime simply 
replace the old ones.
Looking at workspace I think that debian wants to package that as a 
separate thing and make that package conflict with their kde3 
counterparts (i.e. only have one installed at a time) because they really 
replace the kde3 *desktop*.
This to me is like you the long standing concept that you can not have two 
versions of one application installed. (like apt 0.6 and apt 0.7)

Am I missing some problems?
Thomas Zander
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