Tom Albers tomalbers at
Wed Oct 3 00:08:29 CEST 2007

Sune (debian packaging team) asked me to forward this to this list, as it did not get past the moderation queue.



It seems like there is slowly forming a list of release blockers. THere is 
one thing that really should be there:

Having kde3libs and kde4base coinstallable in same prefix and having kde4libs
(and pimlibs) coinstallable with kde3base in the same prefix, so that it is
possible to run kde3 applications in kde4 and kde4applications in kde3.
Especially the first one is really really important, as many kde programs not
yet has been ported to kde4.

There has earlier on -core, iirc been posted lists over what files have been
in both kde3libs and kde4base, with kcmshell being one of the "bigger" ones.

Kde3libs and kde4libs is afaik currently coinstallable in the same prefix (But
is quite unusable, unless kde4base also can be installed there)

(I am in general only talking about runtime stuff, not -dev(el) stuff)


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