10 Days Until Next Milestone

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Tue May 22 19:15:20 CEST 2007

Op di 22 mei 2007 17:57 schreef u:
> For KDEgames, we are now in time, and i like to focus now on quality now,
> for example harmonize usability between games...
> But i'm not against a delay, because as aaron said,  some KDE part still
> need work and time to mature or be ready (i'm thinking to plasma that seems
> starting to work, but need to mature more before to be freezed (aaron, fix
> me if i'm wrong),  kcontrol  that doesn't seems to  do anything, kicker?
> ...). Because if we are keep actual date, with our current status, we risk
> to disappoint our users and be flamed. Even worse, put a
> regression/useless/buggy image on KDE 4.x, because it is hard to communicate
> that 4.0 and 4.x is not the same thing.

Yes, that's true. We indicated already on this list that expectations for 4.0 should not be set to high. I think we should communicate that better. I don't know how though.
> Other point, it was said that the agressive 4.0 release schedule was also to
> allow devs to developp and port applications for 4.x. What is the purpose
> without kdevelop and win/osx port?

I would love a win/osx port and the people working on that seem to do a great job as far as i can see. The point about kdevelop I dont understand. You can develop with kdevelop from kde3, non?

The somewhat aggressive schedule was partly because I think we can keep the 4.0 short and do a 4.1 with new stuff relatively soon.

> I propose a 25 July feature freeze for the sub-module which *really* need
> it, and keep the 1june for others, like kdegames, to focus on quality
> (usability, artwork...). At least, some KDE4.0 parts could give a polished
> image to 4.0, and some frozen dev could even help the latecomer sub-modules
> to be good enought.

Since kdegames is in good shape, I guess they have time left for new features. So freezing the modules that are in good shape seems silly to me now that I think of it.



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