10 Days Until Next Milestone

Johann Ollivier Lapeyre johann.ollivierlapeyre at gmail.com
Tue May 22 17:57:26 CEST 2007

For KDEgames, we are now in time, and i like to focus now on quality now,
for example harmonize usability between games...

But i'm not against a delay, because as aaron said,  some KDE part still
need work and time to mature or be ready (i'm thinking to plasma that seems
starting to work, but need to mature more before to be freezed (aaron, fix
me if i'm wrong),  kcontrol  that doesn't seems to  do anything, kicker?
...). Because if we are keep actual date, with our current status, we risk
to disappoint our users and be flamed. Even worse, put a
regression/useless/buggy image on KDE 4.x, because it is hard to communicate
that 4.0 and 4.x is not the same thing.

Other point, it was said that the agressive 4.0 release schedule was also to
allow devs to developp and port applications for 4.x. What is the purpose
without kdevelop and win/osx port?

I propose a 25 July feature freeze for the sub-module which *really* need
it, and keep the 1june for others, like kdegames, to focus on quality
(usability, artwork...). At least, some KDE4.0 parts could give a polished
image to 4.0, and some frozen dev could even help the latecomer sub-modules
to be good enought.
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