Creation of kdevplatform module

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Sun May 6 18:42:07 CEST 2007

On 5/6/07, Tom Albers <tomalbers at> wrote:
> I still fail to understand what you want. You want to the release-team to do releases for you and you want to do your own. You want a common library but dont want to follow library coding conventions and want to name it with an inconsistent naming scheme...

Ok, once again...
1) kdevplatform is not only the set of libs, it's an set of the:
- shell that can load plugins (kdevelop and quanta are based on such a shell),
- interfaces for plugin development,
- common libraries for kdevelop and quanta,
- common plugins for kdevelop and quanta.

Therefore this module can not be called with a "lib" prefix, it's a
platform on which we (quanta and kdevelop) build our applications. The
name was choosen as the result of the voting with quanta and kdevelop
developers participating.

2) as I've said, we do strive to follow library coding conventions for
the libs and interfaces in the kdevplatform

The question we'd like to ask the release team:
is it ok to create a kdevplatform module under trunk/KDE and move the
platform code from kdevelop module to this new module

The reason we ask is:
we'd like kdevplatform to be released together with KDE just like
kdevelop and quanta (once we're ready of course).

We won't be ready for KDE4.0, so just like kdevelop and kdewebdev, we
do not want kdevplatform to be the part of 4.0 release. But that's
only because we haven't got enough time to catch up with 4.0.

Sorry for making it not clear. Please bug me if I wasn't clear this
time as well ;)

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